Frequently asked questions

How does Scout find company updates and content?

When you sign up for Scout, you'll be prompted to select the companies that you'd like to track. Scout will then find and monitor relevant RSS feeds for those companies. If RSS feeds are not available, Scout will attempt to extract content from key website pages (i.e. blogs, press pages, changelogs, etc). The content will then be summarized and delivered to you, on an ongoing basis, in the form of briefs via the Scout app and a weekly email digest. We cannot guarantee that Scout will be able to find and monitor content for every company, but are continuously working to improve and optimize how Scout finds information.

How does Scout generate summaries?

Scout uses natural language processing and AI to summarize the content found on company blogs, changelogs, press releases, etc into digestible and meaningful summary briefs. The briefs are fast to read, easy to understand, with key points for quick reference. They'll be available in a feed within the Scout app and sent to you in a weekly email digest.

Who benefits from Scout?

Scout is perfect for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to competitor updates, without having to spend hours sifting and reading through blog posts, changelog entries and press releases: founders, product managers, marketers, sales reps, comms leaders, etc.

When will summarized briefs be emailed to me?

You'll receive an email summary with summarized briefs once per week. You can select the day on which you'd like to receive the email, and whether it should arrive in the morning, afternoon or evening. At any time, you can login to the Scout app and see an updated feed of summarized briefs.

How does billing work?

When you sign up, Scout will generate an initial set of briefs from your selected companies. There's no payment or credit card required to generate your first set of briefs. To continue generating and receiving briefs, you'll need to sign up for our Starter ($20/month) or Pro ($30/month) plan. Plans are billed in USD, on a monthly basis, and can be cancelled at any time in your billing settings.